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Want a lightweight running or hiking water bottle that doesn't take up too much space?

Whether you’re training, racing or hiking, say goodbye to bulky bottles that hold you back! The CBX GEAR Soft Flask is specially designed with runners and adventure-seekers in mind: crafted from soft, lightweight and sturdy TPU, it’ll easily fold down as it empties, making sure it doesn’t take up valuable space!

Unlike normal bottles or plastic cups, this hydration bottle can be used again and again – perfect if you care about the environment. Keep it in your car for camping trips, or pack it in your gym kit for big race days!


Holding up to 500 ml of liquid, this soft flask will keep you hydrated while also being the right size to slip into a hydration vest, rucksack or pouch!


Our running bottle is finished with a bite valve and dust cap to make sure you save every precious drop of your water or energy drink. And no pesky leaks in your rucksack!


Racing against the clock? Our water flask has a wide mouth, making it quick and easy to refill. No need to compromise on your time!


The CBX GEAR Soft Flask is the perfect running buddy! Made from lightweight and flexible TPU, this hydration bottle will condense as it empties, taking up less space on trail runs and marathons!

Product specifications


Volume 500 ml
Product Dimensions 23 x 9 x 5 cm
Weight 50g
Colour Red, Blue
Material TPU (PVC free, Bisphenol-A free)
Temperature -20C° / +40C°




Before first use, and after every use, rinse the soft flask thoroughly. This is even more important when using gels or liquids other than water.

Keep your soft flask in a clean, dry place with the cap unscrewed to air the bottle. You can also store your empty flasks in the freezer for a night. During storage, plastic odour may have built up. These odours are nothing to worry about and are a normal consequence of storing the product away from fresh air. Following these care instructions will remove the odour.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is very strong and flexible. Yet TPU is also porous and can be stained, especially when using gels or liquids which contain colouring. Rest assured this has no impact on the safety of the material.

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